Sunday, March 20, 2011

No Bigger than an Agate Stone

In a previous post, I mentioned winning some handmade earrings in a giveaway. I received them yesterday. They are even more beautiful in person than I was able to capture in this picture (the photo doesn't get at the amazing small details). I wore them to a birthday party today.

Yesterday, I explored a giant beading store in the far, far suburbs of Atlanta (Duluth!). I had some time to kill while my husband and son got haircuts. Beads After Beads had a beautiful collection of beads from crystal, to glass, to semi-precious stones. The only thing I thought needed some improvement was their selection of findings and beading wire.
Interestingly, as I explore beads, I find myself particularly drawn to natural stones like agate. I never thought of myself as a natural stone lover. Yet, I love the unexpected palette and pattern produced in nature that is reflected in natural stone. Have you found yourself surprised by the beads and/or findings that attract you when crafting jewelry?


  1. Oh my! You were in my neck of the woods, Leigh. We live only a mile from that store. I've been in there, but I was sooooo overwhelmed with all the lovely beads. Hope you found some goodies!

  2. Wow! You are very close to me :)