Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back to the 80s!

Similar to my black and white earrings from the 1980s! From Big Box Shaker on Etsy.
Anyone as old as I am can remember the jewelry we wore in the 1980s. One of my distinct memories is of owning a pair of giant, plastic hoop earrings that were black and white. I cannot now recall if they were striped or polka dotted like the ones above, but they were almost identical in style. I loved those earrings, especially because I wore them with a giant, black and white striped purse I had.

Now, neon is back in style.

1980s Neon Bangles From Claire on Etsy
Not as strongly as the use of neon in the 1980s, but, according to Kristen Tucker from, more of a hint of neon is favored.

I know that this summer, I have been consumed with bright, bold colors lately. So, I decided to play with the neon elements in the lampwork beads I found at the bead show I previously blogged about.   

Find this in the Graceful Leigh Etsy shop!
They pair up beautifully with this gold-plated Holy Ghost Medal. The medal is double sided, with the same image on the reverse. I also added a gold tone crucifix charm, and brown glass beads. 

A toggle clasp and hand wired praying hands rhinestone drop finish off this colorful and unique handmade jewelry design.

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