Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stash Busting Mixed Media Style

I have been doing a bit of stash busting art journaling. I have been using left over papers that I used on other collages and cutting or tearing them into smaller pieces than I usually do to use us more and get rid of them.  For example, in the collage above, I used a series of strips of patterned paper fr the collage base.

In the other example below, I used a whole package of coordinating embellishments. I have been having fun challenging myself to us things up to make some space (hmmm space for more supplies perhaps??).


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Craft Attitude and Me

Each Craft Attitude sheet is the same material, so you can use any kit.
In the most recent issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, mixed media artist Trudi Sissons wrote an article about using a product called Craft Attitude. Here is how the product is described on the web site: “Craft Attitude isn’t transfer paper. It’s a new, patented technology that allows your printed inkjet image to be separated from its original paper carrier and become part of a new surface when applied.”

How could I not want to try this? Once the item arrived, I printed a test image from an antique magazine I have to work with. The Craft Attitude company suggests using a desktop laminator or an iron to fuse the image to paper. I tried my iron, but could not get it to fuse to blank watercolor weight paper when testing it.

I have noticed, though, that many people use glue to adhere the image they are using, so I tried this on the test image with DecoArt Decopage glue - my favorite collage glue. That worked very well and dried clear.

So, I went ahead and created a collage first, then adhered an image on top with the collage glue. This method has worked best so far for me.

Collage with printed Craft Attitude image on top.
 I would love to figure out why I cannot get it to work with heat, though.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Traveling Arts: Part 2

You may remember that I have been working on a travel art journal kit. I tested it out this weekend on a flight from Atlanta to California. The kit contains pens, scissors with a blade smaller than 4 inches, collage papers, journal, wipes, glue stick, glue dots, double stick tape, stamp, and ink.
Me in motion on the flight.
In retrospect I should have included more colored markers/pens. Also paint pens. I definitely felt like I needed more color options.I also should have brought tissue paper to help unify some of the backgrounds.

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Documented Life Workshop: Art to the 5th

Looking forward to the new Art to the 5th The Documented Life style workshop. I was eagerly awaiting the post about it opening this morning. Looks like it is self paced and can be taken at any time too.
The Documented Life Badge

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Traveling Arts

In a previous post, I discussed my plans for traveling with art supplies. I mistakenly thought my current purse would be big enough to fit my Macbook Air. I discovered that it is not wide enough. Even if it could, I would then need to have a separate bag for art supplies because my purse would become too heavy.

I got a Lug Puddle Jumper. I decided that I could use it not only for travel on planes (when I would pack my purse) or by car, but even when I go hang out at the coffee shop. I am able to easily fit my computer, art supplies, and a lot more when on the go.

I stood things up inside my Bag in Bag so you can better see them. Pens, scissors with a blade smaller than 2 inches, collage papers, journal, wipes.

On the other side you can see glue stick, glue dots, double stick tape, stamp, and ink.

The Mad Journaler

Lately, I have been in a creative firestorm, creating journaling pages every spare minute. The Journal above has been completed and I almost cannot close it!

I am also enrolling for the first time in the wildly popular The Documented Life workshop. A new round begins on Friday  so I am anticipating that.

I am also in t he middle of trying out different techniques for painting on/altering pictures.I purchased an older, 2010 book used called Image Art Workshop by Paula Guhin.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Collage To Go

Me being pushed by Liam at the airport in Florida. 
There are two trips on my horizon. One by car and one by plane. Last month, while spending a week in Florida, my back went completely out, and I could not walk very well. Being confined to bed most of that trip made me very stir crazy. I kept wishing I had brought some of my craft supplies, since I could at least paste some stuff down from bed (even if this were more of a traditional  glue book without the paint I usually add).

Now, with two trips coming up in April, I have been searching for some tips on traveling with art supplies. Everything I can locate on YouTube and blogs talk about taking supplies for things like sketching or watercolor. Since I am more of a true collage person, I soon realized I would need to adjust some of those recommendations.

Picture from Stillman and Birn
I usually work in a 9 x 12 journal. But, for travel, I will be using the much smaller Stillman and Birn 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Zeta series journal. I also purchased a Bag in Bag from Ebay. I will be taking the following with me:

  • 2 black Pitt pens
  • 1 metallic pen
  • Page bling of some kind
  • Stickers
  • Random ephemera
  • Glue sticks
  • Glue dots
  • Baby wipes
  • Scissors- shorter than 4 inches for the plane unless you check it. 
  • Possibly a stamp and ink pad?
  • Possibly some pastels?