Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mixed Media Pet Tags Have Arrived

My line of mixed media, St. Francis Medal pet tags is inspired by my own two dogs, Daisy and Duncan. I wanted a tag that could incorporate a personalized name as well as a St. Francis Medal.

Graceful Leigh Personalized Mixed Media Pet Tag with St. Francis Medal
The bezel contains lines from an antique Bible story book about Noah's Ark.  The pet's name and phone number is then placed over The Noah's Ark text as well as either stone or crystal inclusions.

Graceful Leigh Personalized Mixed Media Pet Tag in gold tone
I currently have two main styles- one in gold tone and one in silver tone. They can each be personalized for male or female dogs and cats. The male version includes stone incluions; the female includes flatback crystals (or stones if that is preferred).

The actual pendants are not foggy in spots- that was light hitting the resin. Since each one is made to order, there will be slight variations in finished products.

I also used Daisy to model the tags, so her very blonde fur does appear in some of the pictures!

Daisy, my model!
How do you all like them? I am very excited by this new line.