Friday, June 1, 2012

Drawing Jewelry Designs

I am in the middle of reading Drawing Jewels for Fashion, a fascinating book by Carol Woolton. Woolton is the jewelry editor for British Vogue. Her book reveals pages from the sketchbooks of some of the top jewelry designers in the fashion world. I have never come across anything quite like it in its focus on the role of sketches to the jewelry design process. 

From Article about Chopard
In the pages of this book, I discovered the amazing designs of Caroline Scheufele for Chopard. Her designs are completely mesmerizing! I have shown Scheufele's sketch above, followed by her finished necklace below. 

From Article about Chopard
All the sketches I have been reading about, coupled with stories about various creative processes have been very inspiring to me. 

How many of you sketch out designs and/or keep a design idea journal?


  1. I just love this necklace! I have a sketch book, but never use it. I think i need to now. Thanks for the inspiration

  2. I only sketch for my paintings but never for my jewelry!! I create my jewelry in my head before I go to sleep then wake up and create - or I lay a bunch of stuff out in front of me and set to work!! I guess I do create my paintings in my head too then sketch then paint......

  3. I think the book has given me the urge to sketch more too! I don't think of myself as good at drawing, but I am going to try.