Friday, May 31, 2013

Drawing Progress Report

You may recall my fears of drawing from this previous post. I enrolled in a mini  online workshop with Jane Davenport called Draw Happy.  It took about a week to complete.

This workshop is considered a first step in drawing, so lessons in things like shading and skin tones will be in the next workshop I take, Supplies Me.

I practiced sketching faces over and over again  I also worked really hard on sketching my Retriever mix, Daisy, endlessly. Over time, I would love to achieve more three-dimensionality with the dog and face too.

You may notice I ended up with one crazy eye on my face!

Though you cannot tell from the picture- the hair on the right extends and forms the curl on the left hand page. I am extremely nervous about sharing my images, but here goes (click to enlarge). . .

Mixed Media Draw Happy Art Journal Page

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Drawing: A Confession

I cannot draw. While I consider myself very crafty, I have never been able to draw well. I am enrolled in a Mastering Twinks workshop this July with Dion Dior. The workshop explores the art of luminescent watercolor painting techniques. My understanding is that we will be sketching though, which has me feeling very apprehensive.

To quell my fears, I may enroll in Draw Happy, a mini drawing workshop with Jane Davenport. Online drawing lessons! Check out her beautiful work on this slideshow:

Find more photos like this on Artini

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Boston Index Card Co. Public Domain Image
I am super excited to be a first-time participant in Daisy Yellow's Index-Card-a-Day 61 day challenge. Beginning June 1, the challenge requires participants to create something artistic (like collage, drawing, painting, etc.) on the card every day. The idea is that an index card is inexpensive and not viewed as "special" paper, so we are less worried about making mistakes. Also, I think the limited size helps too.

I hope this will help with continuing to grow my mixed media skills and also get me back into more regular blog posting.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More Art Journal Pages

I have been hard at work with the 21 Secrets online art journal workshop. You may recall me posting about this earlier.

I cannot believe how consumed I have been with  art journaling the past few weeks! I am not sure where my sudden interest springs from.

First of Roben Marie Smith's Baby's Got Back to Back Lessons.
I used to feel like Art Journaling was something nobody would ever see so why invest the time? However, I find that the very fact I do not necessarily have to share my pages gives me a lot of freedom to experiment.

One of Terri Kahrs' Lessons for hidden journaling. The skull and estrella items are Crafty Chica transfers.  
Also, I have discovered that, whenever I tell myself i am not going to try a certain craft or technique, it is the very thing I soon become obsessed with. Do any of you have this happen to you?