Sunday, August 7, 2011

(Not so great) Epoxy Clay Results

After I let my cross heart made of epoxy clay cure for 24 hours, it was time for step two of the online workshop I have been blogging about. For this step, we needed to turn the piece over and remix a small amount of clay to smooth out the imperfections on the back that occur from it curing on its back. Also, I discovered that the other piece I put in the mold ended up being too deep/heavy for jewelry. 

Kerin Gale kept warning about smoothing the new clay extremely well to avoid bumps and unevenness. I should have listened a bit more closely to this part, because my pendant did end up sort of bumpy on back as you may be able to tell from the pictures.

Kerin also recommends mixing acrylic paint with alcohol inks to achieve interesting paint effects. I did this, thinking I would like the heart to be brown. However, now I realize it is much too dark and not a good contrast for the gold cross. I think I would have been better off choosing more of a red or red-orange like a Sacred Heart.

Ahh well, you live and learn, right? I suppose this is all part of the learning process. I am now obsessed with trying out some other things with the resin clay. I am completely fascinated by it! I am trying to think of some ways of mixing my love of vintage pieces with mixed media elements.


  1. I love the look of that. Can't wait to see more.....

  2. Oh, this looks like so much fun. This is a great result for your first try!! As far as the color goes, I think it would be so pretty in the same blue as the walls in your house. Have you tried clear epoxy with findings embedded inside or images trapped between a clear piece on top and a metal bezel underneath...

  3. Karen, I do also like clear epoxy resin. There MAY be a post about that this week too!