Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Workshop of my Dreams

I am like a child on Christmas Eve, bursting with excitement! Why, you may ask? Because tomorrow is the first day of registration for Deryn Mentock’s The Build Zone. I have been drooling over Mentock’s designs since first discovering her items in multiple issues of Belle Armoire Jewelry. I was struck by her beautiful pairing of vintage elements with religious symbols. I immediately hunted down her blog and Etsy store (stalked her?) to get a closer look at her creations. (Example one, example two, and example three). 

One thing I am sort of scared of is that we will be using a small micro torch (butane torch) for soldering and maybe other techniques. I have always shied away from doing this, but I am now going to be forced out of my comfort zone once again. This summer has been full of me doing things I never thought I would!

Speaking of which, I seem to finally be having better luck with my resin designs. I am about to do a second pour where I add in some images, and dome some of them.

In other news, I have become aware of some issues surrounding copyright with images used in collage art if you plan to sell your collaged items. A woman I know named Katie Cahill from my Facebook Apoxie Clay group posted an excellent blog article about this.

Images from antique books I own
I have been making sure that any Holy Card images I use are in the public domain (most are due to the original art being so old) and trying to purchases antique books here and there published before 1929, so the text and images are in the public domain. From there, I photocopy images to use in my work. This is just something to be aware of if you do a lot of mixed media work that  you sell or hope to sell.


  1. Thank you again for the plug to my article! Great point about images and books being in the public domain!!! This is a great blog... I am going to keep reading :)

  2. I am so glad you are stepping our of your comfort zone - it is one the most difficult things to do but almost always ends up being the most rewarding too. Afterwards you find yourself saying "wow that wasn't so hard and look what I have done!!" You may even find yourself doing the happy dance!!

  3. Donna, I do realize this is one way to grow. I do get more of a sense of accomplishment from creating my own items.