Friday, August 5, 2011

Epoxy Clay Pendant Workshop

In a previous post, I mentioned signing up for an online workshop with Kerin Gale. The workshop focuses on making an epoxy clay pendant. I had a little time today to complete the first portion of the three-part workshop.

I molded a heart pendant, and altered Kerin’s design a bit by using a cross instead of an open lock. I also made an additional piece using a silicone mold, mainly to test out how using a mold with the epoxy clay works.

These need to cure overnight. Then, I move onto part two of the workshop, where we add various elements and touches to the pendants. The third part of the workshop focuses on the finish of one of the pendants.

I have a feeling I won’t have much time to truly focus on jewelry making the way I long to until late August when Liam returns to school.


  1. I love this already!! Can't wait to see what you do in the future with this.

  2. Thanks! I really enjoy the possibilities of the epoxy/resin clay. Very intriguing.