Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I have spent the past two days playing with two-part resin. I have been busily mixing, pouring, and adding inclusions in various ways. I have embedded a cross in a heart mold; domed an image from a Holy Card; and am closing the back of a bezel before adding a Milagros charm to it.

I also have been working on this locket for a few days. This is another image of Mary taken from a Holy Card. I know the resin produced tiny bubbles over her image, but I decided it would give her more of an antique look.

I think the blank, left hand side could use something, but maybe I am crazy. Do you think you’d add a little something to the inside left?

I am completely out of both Fixit Sculpt and silicone mold-making materials. However, I need to wait another week or so for my monthly budget to reset in September before I purchase more. Now my addiction is temporarily cut off!  


  1. These are coming out very nicely. As for the empty left side - yes it needs something - nature abhors a vacuum so fill it up!! Little charms, gems, pearls - you know stuff like that - a piece of old lace......and the list goes on.....

  2. Oh yes! I agree. When in doubt always add more doodads:) The image does look very nice and vintage with the resin on top.

  3. Ha ha! I like the way you both think- I ALWAYS want more sparkle too.