Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sacred Heart

I am now finished with my Sacred Heart pendant. The Sacred Heart has its historic roots in the visions of Jesus received by Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque beginning in 1673. Jesus revealed his Sacred Heart, a heart aflame with divine love. Her visions continued for several years. Initially, her spiritual insights were met with much opposition. It took until 1684 for her experiences to be fully supported.*

I crafted (and cured) the pendant from epoxy clay. Then I collaged it using a college matte medium similar to Mod Podge. Once that was dry, I put some beading wire in the holes to keep them open, and painted on two-part, clear, epoxy resin to seal it. In retrospect, I think I would prefer a matte sealant. I was curious to see how I would like the resin when painted on top. Probably worth a try, even if I may decide to seal my future projects differently.

I know I have mentioned how impatient I am in previous posts. Can I just say that waiting 24 hours for the resin clay; then waiting 24 plus hours for clear resin to cure is extremely difficult for me, queen of instant gratification!

*My information about St. Margaret Mary Alacoque comes from the website of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque parish.


  1. This is a very nice and unique piece Leigh!! I also have little patience so when I have projects that take much drying time I usually start another project or two or three.

  2. Thanks, Gena, Kerin, and Donna!

    Donna, that is a good idea!

  3. This is really great! I understand the lack of patience too! It is sometimes torturous!