Sunday, March 6, 2011

“Out of clutter find simplicity . . . “ –Albert Einstein

Yesterday I revealed my need to organize my jewelry making supplies. I gathered some items I already have like little glass jars, unused spice jars, shallow bowls, and decorative boxes.

I then purchased a fishing bait/tackle box. In looking for one, I took the advice of something I read about not buying one with movable pieces/walls. This turns out to be excellent advice- otherwise the beads and findings will migrate to other compartments.

 I also found a fishing reel box that works for storing my beading wire (though the spaces are slightly big- I can still get away with it).

 For now, I decided I like to divide by metal color for findings and chain. My beads I just placed in containers with no real categorization. As I get more beads, I may need to redo this to divide by color.

Sitting on top of the tackle box (far right top shelf) are some divided lunch trays made for kids that I also read are good for ongoing projects.

In other important news, my superb wire cutter arrived yesterday. I used it in one of the Tribal Bracelet lessons I am working through.

Let me confess that my wrappings look nothing like the beautiful, even work of Sharilyn Miller, but I am sort of pleased that I am getting just a wee bit better at it.


  1. I wish my beading space was as tidy as yours, Leigh! Keep practicing. Wire work is about lots of practice! Pearl

  2. Thank you, Pearl :) I think I am going to redo some of the lessons a few times to get more used to it.

  3. This is the kind of organizational advice I have been looking for. The pill bottles just are not working for me for my bead collection. They're great for things that I don't want to use often or when I need to travel with them (mostly because when I travel there are usually small children involved and so far they can't open the pill bottles themselves), but I can't easily see or find what I want when I want using them.

  4. DK, you may also want to get plastic cases used for bead storage, or even those used to organize screws, nails, etc. The kind that are large, flat and plastic so you can see what is inside.