Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring is Blooming

We know it is spring here when our annual nesting birds arrive on the porch outside our bedroom. After too many indoor snow days and sickness of winter, I always greet spring with some relief. As flowers (and pollen!) begin to bloom again, I am left longing to create.

Today I took out some beads and findings to play with. I know I have two other projects going right now, but there are some specific beads I am waiting on so I can get back to work on my grandmother-memory project. I wanted to use some silver tone jewelry because I have not worked with it yet. So I positioned and repositioned chain, beads, and findings.

I love the process of discovering which beads and findings fit the style and mood of a piece. I have always been drawn to color and different ways of using color. This goes back to my scrapbooking days of old! I wonder where these particular beads and findings will take me?

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