Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You've Gotta Start Somewhere!

I am brand new to jewelry making and learning things on my own using books and YouTube videos.

For my first necklace, I used pre-made chain as my jump rings still need to be perfected more. This is what my first design looked like (blurry I know!):

So, obviously, things seemed off balance and just . . . wrong. I was going for asymmetrical and it was clearly not working! Also as I viewed the picture of it, I realized the floral pendant on the far left did not look good with the other charms and pendants.

I took it apart. I moved things around endlessly on my bead board. I shortened it.

I crafted embellishments for the different charms to make them stand out more fully.  Finally I came up with this:

Generally, I think it works a lot better than the original. I think it could still use some more beaded elements or something to give it more bling though. What do you think?


  1. love this one. reminds me of some of the pieces in the new free people catalog. even the same photo styling on the wood plank background!

  2. Thanks, Karen. I had not seen those, but checked out your link. Wow- it does look like a very similar background!

    I was looking for someplace outside to photograph in good light and just used our porch furniture LOL.

  3. Hi there Leigh,
    I am going through everyone who left a comment on my Bead Soup Blog Party necklace. Thank so much for that!

    And now I just read your first post about your first piece. I must just say I love your way of approaching a new craft. Who'd dare to go about it like that, showing every step of the journey. Hurray to you! I love it!

    But now you ARE a professor I read. Of what I wonder. Academic methodology (eh, is that the word I am searching really?) seems to be your alley anyway. I like that!

    And hey, I am only Swedish, my english didn't come out all that great today ...

    All my best,

  4. Malin, do not apologize for your English- it is excellent considering my lack of knowledge of any other language except elementary Spanish! I am a professor of Communication :)