Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jump Ring Woes

I have been making my way through the lessons on my Tribal Treasures DVDSharilyn Miller is an excellent instructor who really walks you through each step in the lessons- she leaves nothing out!

My struggle with jump rings continues, but today I discovered what I think part of the problem is. I have extremely inexpensive, not high quality wire cutters. I have a set of inexpensive tools because I did not want to make a big investment if I ended up not liking jewelry making.

So now I think I will redo the jump ring lesson once my improved wire cutter arrives. The good news is, my wire wrapping skills are steadily improving!


  1. My very favorite flush cutters are Tronex cutters (I got them via, of all places!). Pricey, but once I got them, it was like, oooooooh, slipping on your favorite shoes that have been worn in for ages.

    And barring THAT, I suck it up and buy rings from I just stink at cutting jump rings. Always have, and, I'm afraid, always will!

    (PS, thanks for the good thoughts on my blog!)

  2. Thank you for the recommendation! I am so look forward to using better tools.

    Ohhh will definitely check out urban maille.