Saturday, July 30, 2011

Silicone Mold Making

Thanks to my beloved Kerin Gale book, I was very interested in trying to make my own silicone molds. As a test, I decided to use this floral finial from one of my lamps. Like resin clay, the silicone mix comes in two parts. You take the amount you need from each and mix together the two equal parts until you have a uniform color.

From there, you must quickly press the object into the silicone because you only have three minutes to work before it begins to cure. There are other brands/types of silicones that give you more of a work time.

You let it set up for 25 minutes before removing it from the object you are casting.  For use with some types of clay, it will need to cure for an additional 24 hours before use. I really like the ease of making the molds and the detail I achieved. Have any of you tried making your own silicone molds?

I am exceedingly excited to have enrolled in one of Kerin Gale’s online workshops and am making a resin clay pendant. I will be letting you all know how I fare with that project very soon!

I have begun reading some more mixed media books that include large amounts of mixed media jewelry. Also, I know I posted a lot less than usual the past two weeks because I had family in town, but I will now return to my normal posting amount.


  1. No I have never made molds using this...but I have always wanted to..and now I am so inspired!!!Excellent post..thank you!!Hugs,Cat

  2. Cat, it actually is pretty easy! Much easier than I thought.