Thursday, July 14, 2011

Seeing Mary

Thanks to the very wise advice of my sister-in-law, I have decided to hold off on trying to work on stocking and opening my Etsy shop until Liam is back in school next month. This will give me more structured days to find a balance between crafting and working. I will also be teaching the same course and therefore have less course prep work to do such as lecture notes.

My friend, Donna, over at The Woodwife Chronicles is doing a survey on the Divine Feminine. I encourage you to head over and take it - you might see my answers posted there in the comments! Speaking of the Divine Feminine, last night my family and I watched Primetime Nightline: Miracle Mysteries about Marian sightings. I wrote previously about The Miracle Detective, a nonfiction book about the same topic, focusing especially the Marian sightings in Medjugorje. I believe that these Bosnian sightings are real.

One thing I did not realize until I read The Miracle Detective, was that the Catholic church takes an extremely long time to investigate Marian apparitions. They have numerous criteria that must be met to consider a sighting valid. For instance, only 12 (that I can tell, from my best research abilities) have met official church approval so far. Medjugorje is still under investigation.


  1. Thanks for adding a link and mention of my survey!! As for Marian sightings - for me - I do not need the church to approve something before I believe it. They would have to approve all my dreams with Mary in them then LOL!!!

  2. LOL, that is so true, Donna!