Saturday, July 16, 2011

Exploring Epoxy Clay

I was extremely excited when my order of epoxy clay arrived from Aves Studio. As I have mentioned numerous times in past posts, I have been curious to try it out. Since I am brand new to both polymer and epoxy clays, I cannot yet determine if I prefer one medium to another.

Here are two short video clips of me mixing the clay before use. (I cut myself off at the beginning, but I am saying that my hands are coated with lotion). 

The epoxy clay has a stronger chemical type smell than polymer. The epoxy clay is also extremely sticky until it starts to harden a bit more. Kerin Gale warns about this in her book, Inspired Remnant, Curious Dreams. I had to use lots of hand lotion to keep it from sticking to me. I also found it more malleable than polymer.

I used a stamp to texturize the piece of clay and also added liquid gold leaf paint.  Kerin Gale suggests sitting it on some silicone (like the back of a mold) while it cures as silicone is about the only thing it will not stick to. I found I even needed to add a bit of lotion to the silicone to keep it from sticking. My sample piece is currently curing overnight and I will post more about how it turns out tomorrow.


  1. It looks very nice so far. I love the golden glow of your piece.

  2. THAT is cool!

    Think you might make a piece for the Bead Soup Blog Party (nudge nudge?)

  3. Hmmm, not a bad idea Lori :) Not this practice pendant, but maybe another piece I am going to be working on in an online workshop on