Sunday, May 22, 2011

Upcoming Giveaway!

I made another visit to Kudzu Antique Market this past week. They are so friendly and nice there! I was admiring the Rosary parts that one woman had for sale and she told me to try because there are often Rosary and other religious jewelry items being sold. 

While browsing through some of the other items there, I came across several bags of Mahjong tiles. Upon opening the bag to touch them I was filled with the visceral memory of my mother’s Mahjong tiles from when she played with her friends.

I have two projects on my beading table. The first, pictured above, is a bracelet I am working on with influenced by my French Inspired Jewelry book. There are numerous charm bracelets in the book, so I wanted to try creating one. This will be the first charm bracelet I make.  

Keep your eyes peeled this week for my first ever blog giveaway! It will have something to do with the second project I am working on, using some of the pieces pictured below.

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