Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Family Jewels

My family and I had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend trip to visit my mother and sister in South Florida. While there, my mother pulled out some extraordinary pieces of jewelry passed down from my great aunt Mary. Since I am now making jewelry, my mother wanted to donate them to my growing collection of vintage finds.

I love cameos, so I am very excited by the two cameo pins in her collection (only one is pictured here). Also, there are stunning, carved flowers and I cannot tell what they are carved from (bone or something faux?).

My great aunt traveled a lot, and purchased jewelry from many of the places she visited. Here is a wonderful Delft brooch pictured below.

One of my favorite pieces is this Limoges pin. I love the way it mimics a portrait plate. I am very much looking forward to using some of these items. Can you all tell how I am itching to put these to use?

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