Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nacoochee Antiques

The three of us decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather today and headed to the North Georgia Mountains. My husband and son dropped me off at Nacoochee Antiques while they played miniature golf in Helen, GA.

A very large, old home now houses three floors of antiques. Item upon item from days gone by filled every nook and cranny. I have long loved the mysterious and unexpected of browsing stores like this. Old wood floors creaked as I explored.

There was, of course, wonderful vintage jewelry to be had. I completely blame Susan Beal for my need to have any of it. In her superb Bead Simple book, she has provides instructions for amazing designs using vintage jewelry pieces that she repurposed.

Want a peek at what I wound up with? Antique buttons, old brooches, and more! I am itching to use these.

Upon picking me up, Liam was amazed I could shop for as long as they golfed. My husband explained that I am a woman!


  1. Hey Leigh, Birdie here. I just found your blog and had to stop to say hello to another blogger in Georgia. I'm in Dahlonega just a bit south of where you were having such a good time. You should have stopped,picked me up, and taken me with you ;)
    brightest blessings

  2. Hi, Birdie! Nice to meet you. I absolutely LOVE Dahlonega! Such a beautiful town. We should definitely touch base some time.

  3. Let me know the next time you plan to come up. I love meeting new people. Are you living right in Atlanta?

  4. Yes we are "inside the perimeter."