Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Impatient? Who, Me???

I won a huge amount of beading books from Jewelry By Jeannie. The one I wanted to read first was The Impatient Beader: Easy Jewelry Projects for the Busy Beginner.  Boy did this title speak to me! I tend to like to get things finished ASAP and love the idea of jewelry projects I can complete in a day.

I do realize not all the projects I work on will be completed quickly, but I do like the general idea of Potter’s book. I also like the way she divides the projects into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

I marked several ideas I would like to try, though with my own spin. Now that I have had the chance to read several beading magazines as well as a few books, I notice a theme in designs I am drawn to.

First, I tend to love multi-strand pieces. Second, (and this should not shock anyone who even remotely knows me) I love romantic designs! I think it is my mother who has labeled my tastes as fairytale/enchanted. Aside from that, I also love the pairing of the romantic with metal elements.

So, my pouring over all these books is, at least, helping me define my style more. I am now about to look through the Big Bead Jewelry book pictured in the first photo above.

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