Friday, June 17, 2011

Silk and Pearls

I cannot say too much about the piece I am currently working on because I am trying to keep it under wraps. The most I can say is, it involves silk and pearls.

I am also reading Enchanted Adornments, which has got me thinking about the stories behind my jewelry designs. This concept of stories got me thinking about the St. Francis statue I blogged about before. Thanks to my kind and helpful followers, I was able to confirm the medal I was wondering about is St. Francis after all. Now, on my mind’s back burner I have a St. Francis piece simmering.

As though I need more ideas! I do already have a shelf full of ideas marked in books and magazines.


  1. I love your header and I am intrigued by your silk and pearl creation.

  2. Thank you- I am working on a new Etsy shop where I hope to sell some jewelry, but am still working on some things before I will be ready.

  3. Leigh you need to read about Leticia's dream and then pass the link along to others - you'll see why...

  4. Thanks for the link- what a moving post!