Monday, June 6, 2011

The Creative Spirit

Today found me spending way too much time playing with my camera rather than cleaning. I have been trying to better learn how to use some of the features on my camera that I have ignored in favor of the “easy” setting.

I had a burst of creativity this weekend and made both a necklace and a pair of earrings. I was all fired up to finish them both by Sunday. The necklace uses a Rosary I took apart to make into a necklace. The Rosary is definitely vintage and may be antique. 

I used Mary center Rosary medals as a decorative element to attach the additional chain to. I used a vintage, broken floral piece, which I think was originally a sweater/scarf clip. The stones were missing, so I added complimentary pink beads to it.

The necklace also features vintage Milagros- Mexican prayer charms. As I mentioned in another post, I love Milagros. I created a charm drop for the closure using another Milagro charm and a pink bead I rescued from the original Rosary. I also ran out of pre-made closures in the right color, so I made a hook closure.

The earrings echo the pink of the necklace in the form of both hot and pale pink beads. I also used Milagros and a length of chain for the dangle.

In other news, I am very excited because I am joining a group from my church taking a day trip on Saturday to Monastery of the Holy Spirit right outside of Atlanta in Conyers, GA. I have a friend who goes on periodic weekend retreats there, and I have always been extremely curious about it. I will certainly take my camera and lots of notes for my blog followers! So stay tuned.


  1. I love this necklace!! Wow!!! Beautiful. Have fun on your trip. The most helpful things I can say about taking photos are to use your close up feature and sunlight - also in your computer camera program 'white balance' is a life saver. If you don't have white balance download 'gimp' for free. I did and it works great. Did I mention I love your necklace?

  2. How sweet- thank you for the compliments!

    My camera does have white balance. I have been figuring out how to set it. and also playing a bit with different color value settings to see what happens.