Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Design Day Wednesday Woes

I have had the most frustrating design day today. Perhaps it is because my son is home (between camps) this week and I have hauled a bunch of my jewelry making items downstairs and am playing rounds of action figures and with him while also designing. Or, maybe it is just one of those things that will, hopefully, pass very soon.

I have been struggling and struggling with an earring design most of the week. I am hoping to eventually sell these once my Etsy store is up and running. (Maybe this is adding to my stress level?). The base of the earrings are vintage clip-on earrings from Germany. I had to do some modifications to the back, wire wrapping and gluing the clip on part closed. However, I originally was going to add French hooks, but they won’t work because of the weight/size of the overall design. So now I am not sure what type of finding to use- maybe kidney wires?

Any and all advice is welcome!

Well, at least there is strong coffee and cream to sooth my frustrated soul.


  1. What about some lever backs? If you email me, I'll gift you a pair of really nice heavy-duty ones (heavy duty but not at ALL ugly, really sleek).

  2. How sweet of you to offer that!

  3. I was thinking lever backs too - that is what I use on my earrings. Also with the clip on sometimes I just remove the clip part and use a nail file to smooth out any little pointy parts. Your earrings are beautiful!! Don't stress out over opening an Etsy shop - it will go fine. I love Etsy and it never adds stress - you'll see. Just take your time and add a few things at a time.

  4. So with the lever backs, you glue them on with jewelry cement? Or do you use some sort of wire wrapping around the earring?

  5. You probably won't be able to glue on leverbacks. You will have to create some sort of wire to hang them from the loop on the lever back. Here is a link with a close up of a pair.