Thursday, April 21, 2011

Magnificat Reborn

Some of you may recall my Manificat necklace design. I wore the necklace several times since making it and that led me to realize there were a few changes I wanted to make to fine tune my design. I have found that, for me, a large part of jewelry making is learning how to scale my designs. Jewelry pieces- even statement necklaces – present a smaller canvas than I sometimes realize.

Initially, I noticed that the design would benefit from moving the cross closer to the center charm. I also played with the idea of removing the chain from the beaded side of the necklace. And moved the second chain to see if I liked a double chain design on one side. Here is a picture midway through my redesign process. (Wow- there is lots of dog hair on my shirt in both pictures). 

Ultimately, I decided I still liked the chain on both sides, but the necklace needed to be shortened. I think the design greatly benefits from its new length and moving some of the charms around.

Do you like the changes I made?

In other news, I opened a fortune cookie that read, “You will be working with the color purple.” Well, purple is my favorite color so that wouldn’t be a bad thing!