Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This Week, Bracelets!

As one of my Christmas gifts, my husband got me a subscription to my favorite jewelry making magazines- Belle Armoire Jewelry. And, my first issue arrived yesterday! I am so very excited to read it. 

As you may recall, last week I posted  about some beautiful necklaces I discovered while browsing Etsy. Sharing some wonderful bracelet designs from two jewelry crafters seems like a natural progression.  I will now turn to two bracelets I love. I follow the blogs of both these women and have observed their designs with envy.

From Lety's Creations on Ebay
First, I have to tell you about a fellow blogger I met through Donna, one of the leaders of the Mary’s Graces Etsy Team. Her name is Lety, and she is owner of Lety’s Creations on Ebay. The intricate, mixed media elements of her jewelry fascinates me. I also love her bold use of color, and surprising pairing of jewelry elements.

Enlighten My Heart Vintage Valentine Four Strand Red Bead Saint Bracelet from Three Sweet Birds
Another jewelry designer, who is part of the Mary Graces Team I am part of (well, I would be more a part of this team if I had time to stock my store), is Donna Pereira from Three Sweet Birds. In a funny coincidence, I purchased one of her necklaces long before I began crafting my own jewelry. But, today I am featuring one of her beautiful bracelets.

I Hope you all get a chance to check out the jewelry both these talented women create in their shops.


  1. Wow! Leigh, what a treasure you are and what a Blessing. I humbly thank you with all my heart- May you always be Blessed. ((hugs)))

  2. Hi Leigh~
    What a wonderful surprise to get a special place on your beautiful blog. Thank you so much for including this piece.
    I am in the process of packing up and moving and I haven't had a moment to get my shop stocked..quite the opposite. I hope by early spring I can be rejuvenated and list some of my latest designs that I have not had a chance to photograph.

    All the best to you sweet lady and thanks again for being such a kindhearted spirit.



  3. Donna, I hope you move goes well! I am looking forward to seeing some of your new designs once they are listed.