Friday, February 17, 2012

Oh, Graceful Leigh, Where Art Thou?

You all may be wondering where I have been lately. My job at Kaplan has become busier this term. First, I have a new course that I have never taught before. This means brand new lecture notes, and brand new course preparations. Obviously, this takes some extra time! In addition, I am also now evaluating student portfolios to determine life experience credit and going through training for that. All of these new responsibilities have put my jewelry crafting way on the back burner. And, by that I mean I have had no time to even touch any of my beading supplies.

This does not stop me from browsing handmade Jewelry on Etsy. This induces much longing on my part. Stunning does not even begin to describe some of the designs I have been looking at.

For example, look at this beautiful bead embroidery that Pamelia at Pamelia Designs does:

From Pamelia Designs on Etsy
 And here is another wonderful design by Robyn Parrish in her The French Circus Etsy store.

From Robyn Parrish
And this necklace by Becky Arendt, who owns Love Kingdom Designs on Etsy:

from Becky Arendt
Why oh why must Etsy be constantly tempting me???


  1. I love the necklace from the French Circus! So unique!

  2. Aren't they all wonderful?? I added them all to my favorites and I have a feeling I will be getting into major trouble.

  3. Thank you so much, Leigh and MidwestMaude! I really appreciate your kind acknowledgment of my work! :)

  4. Robyn, it is well-deserved praise :)