Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Style Notes

The workshop I am enrolled in has us think about what design style category our jewelry creations fall into. I am not sure yet what my particular style is. I got some excellent advice from two, well-respected jewelry designers- Lori Anderson from Lori Anderson Designand Deryn Mentock (my workshop instructor). Some of the more experienced women in my class also had important things to say about this topic. One recurring theme was to look at lots and lots of jewelry (does this justify the purchase of all my jewelry design books and magazines??). Another is just to practice creating jewelry.

A peek at my design process. Here I am deciding which beads to use with my focal pendant.
Part of me likes an extremely romantic look. This is no surprise to anyone who knows me for more than 5 minutes. Obviously, I’m also extremely drawn to religious images.

On the other hand, I am equally attracted to the slightly kitschy, sparkly, and retro. Yes, I am a girl who loves running Christmas lights, carnival glass, and Lusterware.

Hmmm, I wonder if I will find a way to combine these styles? How did you all discover your own design style?


  1. Leigh, Hi, we are in the same Mixed media group you signed up for the tea box swap. I like the word eclectic, it puts all our varied likes into one category, so we can like it all. so lovely to meet you. TTFn

  2. Hi, Wanda- I love the word eclectic- you are so right that is a great term for mixed media work. I am happy to meet you too and meet others in the swap!

  3. Leigh, it seems to me you are well on your way to knowing what your style is, if you are sure what type of things you do favour.. Put in what you DONT like as well and it will affirm your choices....then just go for it.!!
    I have always had difficulty with this topic, too and am still working my way on it...might take quite a while!

  4. Style- hmmm I am going with eclectic. I also, like you, love religious/romantic and like a crow I love all things sparkly. So eclectic crow? Romantic crow? I don't like to label things really so I do what I do and it comes out the way it does. Period.

  5. LOL @ eclectic crow!!!
    Thanks for your thoughts too, Jenni!

  6. I love the word eclectic (beats "eccentric" any day!) -- and I think you could call yourself "eclectic vintage" or "retro romance".

  7. Leigh thanks for visiting my blog I love your style! Very pretty finds.