Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Like it- I Really Like it!

My lessons in The Build Zone continue. I have purchased extremely inexpensive aluminum wire to practice various techniques with. This way, I do not feel awful if I have to throw out the parts I make mistakes on. I also feel free to repeatedly practice certain jewelry making skills.

Most recently, I have been crafting different style headpins. Here you see a spiral headpin, a paddle style, and a basic loop. I have been looking forward to new lessons each day or two, having greatly missed crafting jewelry during my recent break while I awaited the start of the workshop. The next lesson I will tackle? Creating a clasp!

Amazingly, I have discovered that I love to solder! Yes, you read that correctly! My fears have now turned into curiosity and I want to learn more soldering techniques. In fact, on my amazon wish list is the book Mixed Metal Mania – something to tackle after I finish The Build Zone!


  1. You are coming along well. I did my clasp today..using copper. Thought I had done sort of o.k..then realised the eye part of the clasp should lie on two different planes. ( mine doesn't!) Take note! Don't make Jenni's silly mistake! back to the drawing board for me! Good luck with yours.

  2. Thanks for the tip and encouragement, Jenni!