Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Traveling Arts

In a previous post, I discussed my plans for traveling with art supplies. I mistakenly thought my current purse would be big enough to fit my Macbook Air. I discovered that it is not wide enough. Even if it could, I would then need to have a separate bag for art supplies because my purse would become too heavy.

I got a Lug Puddle Jumper. I decided that I could use it not only for travel on planes (when I would pack my purse) or by car, but even when I go hang out at the coffee shop. I am able to easily fit my computer, art supplies, and a lot more when on the go.

I stood things up inside my Bag in Bag so you can better see them. Pens, scissors with a blade smaller than 2 inches, collage papers, journal, wipes.

On the other side you can see glue stick, glue dots, double stick tape, stamp, and ink.

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