Monday, May 7, 2012

Sassy's - My Stone Mountain Find

Sassy's in Stone Mountain Village
I discovered the most amazing store over the weekend. Sassy's, in Stone Mountain Village. The boutique, owned by Joan Sharpe, is filled with vintage jewelry items as well as other vintage and antique art and decor. Walking in there is like heaven on earth! 

Some vintage religious finds I purchased
She also displays the jewelry in some interesting ways, making use of antique drawers, porcelain bowls, and other decor items as jewelry displays. You can see more of this if you click on the article linked to in the first paragraph and look through the accompanying pictures. 

Look at these incredible vintage earrings!
I was there for almost an hour and there were still items I had not seen. The owner, Joan, was there, and I told her that I wished her store were in Atlanta. She said that she is close enough for me to make many return visits. And, I fear for my finances, she is probably right!

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  1. Ohh..I really like that gold and white snowflake looking medallion!