Friday, May 18, 2012

Creature Feature

My eight-year-old son, Liam, adores doing arts and crafts. He has his own shelves and supplies in my studio. He goes through different phases in terms of what materials he likes to use. Currently, he is in a huge clay stage. He especially loves polymer clay and creating many creatures.

Polymer clay (wonder if I can use those hand made beads?) and a resin bottle cap with clay inside
The clay I can understand, but Liam also loves to sew. This definitely does not come from me- I have always been terrible at sewing and do not like it at all. In his art class in school, he discovered how to make Frakenpets by attaching various parts of different stuffed animals. So, he made a lot of these here at home as well. You can see one below.

A frightening Frakenpet!
Maybe one day he can have his own Etsy shop!


  1. I love the Frankenpets!!! I want one, I want one!!! So cute.

  2. Karen, I thought they were clever too- his art teacher did them with him. But, I am not sure where the idea originated.