Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lampwork Beads

I have discovered a lampwork bead artist that I have fallen in love with. Her name is Elizabeth Schertz Bunn Braunsdorfand she is the artist and owner of Elizabeth's Beads on Etsy. She has such a great eye for color! Check out some of her bead sets to see what I mean. For example, her Hickory Wind set combines pinks, amber-topaz-gold colors, raspberry, and teals.

Her bead styles range from the more romantic to the more modern. After agonizing over my decision for a long time, I purchased two sets that I love. The first has beautiful, bold purples and pinks. The second set is a more romantic pairing of dove grays, pinks, and other pastels.

Elizabeth's Beads Catch Your Eye collection
Elizabeth Bead's Flood of Memories collection
I am looking forward to creating some more Etsy items with these! So keep a lookout for my soon-to-come items using these wonderful beads.

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