Saturday, September 28, 2013

Favorite Mixed Media Pens

A recent art journal page about our dog, Daisy
 As promised, I am back to discuss some of my favorite pens for art journaling. Love for a particular pen is pretty personal, I think. For instance, while many paper crafters have a deep devotion for anything Copic Markers manufactures, I do not love them.

In my experience, albeit fairly recent, I have tested numerous brands. One thing that is important to me is that they be permanent and not react by bleeding or fading to the wet media I am using.

Tee Juice Fabric Marker, Permapaque Pen, Slicci Pens
I have discovered that I especially love the fine point and permanence offered by Tee Juice Fabric Markers. I also really like Permapaque by Sakura, though wish it came in more tip choices like fine.

As an aside, I included my favorite gel pen in the picture- Slicci by Pentel!


  1. Love those colors on this journal page and the sweetness of the photo~beautiful work!