Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gender and Color Choice in Crafting

One of my addictions is listening to craft-related podcasts. Among my favorites is the Paperclipping Roundtable hosted by Noell Hyman. I was listening to two older episodes (Booth Worthy and The Cake on the Page) where the discussion of color and gender came up. Mainly in a discussion about the color of paper and scrapbook embellishments related to the pages done about boy and girl children, but also on pages about men. Some said they will use things like flowers even on pages about boys. The shows discussed different approaches, but did not say one was superior or another inferior, but that it is up to each individual.

The topic got me to reflect on my own use of color in pages about my son. I do not have strong feelings in terms of certain colors paired with pages about men and boys. For me, it is not so much about using more gender neutral, or boyish colors and embellishments for my pages as it is using colors my son likes. This is because he looks at and reads some of the pages about him. I want the pages to reflect his current personality and tastes.

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