Thursday, December 15, 2011

Of Towers and Turrets

Mixed media and mixed metal? Could I ask for a better combination? I think not.

The first half of the Of Towers and Turrets workshop focuses on the mixed media/collage elements. We eventually use these skills to create collage images that we encase into hand crafted pendants. This will include making our own bezels- a technique I have been very curious about learning.

My palette today.
Today, I worked on some of the background elements for collages. All of this work with paper is really bringing back memories of my scrapbooking past. Vellum writers and brands like Sakura are all extremely nostalgic for me!

I got this texture by painting over/through burlap.
Although it is sort of trendy, and at times I wonder if it is overdone, I really do love doing mixed media work. I have been trying to think through ways I can make mixed media pieces that express what might be my unique style.

Speaking of style . . . my sister-in-law, Karen, promises to help me figure out what my style is and to construct a style guide while we are in Los Angeles for Christmas!


  1. Did I say that:) Oh, the pressure! It will be so much fun!!!

  2. I know :) I am terrifed of somehow making the "wrong" choice!

  3. Style choice sounds good. Love your colors!! Sponges and lacework well too for texture and priti Lisa uses dried in the oven egg shells!!!