Friday, November 4, 2011

Finding Time for Jewelry (and Maybe Some Icons)

Lately, I have been feeling frustrated and a bit unsure about whether I truly have the time I will need to devote to selling my jewelry, or if this will just be a craft for pleasure alone. My husband travels a lot for his job (not to mention his additional full time job volunteering for various church activities *wink*). This leaves me flying solo more than the average mother.
Public Domain Image from Wikimedia Commons
Because I work part time, I thought I would have more than enough time when my son Liam is at school to craft to my heart’s content. However, I guess I forgot that I also need time to maintain our house, cook, clean some more, plan meals, run errands, hem clothes, make lunches and organize Liam’s back back/homework, oh, and, make sure there are clean clothes. Between all this and work, I have been dropping many of the balls I juggle and keep falling behind in the workshop I am taking.

What works for all of you out there in terms of balancing work and family obligations with crafting time?

In other news, I am excited to receive a copy of the book, A Brush With God: An Icon Workbook  to learn a bit more about the process behind painting Icons in the more traditional Byzantine style. I have been extremely curious about trying out Icon painting and know it follows a specific formula. So, I will probably be posting more about this as well soon! 

Icon pictures public domain images from Wikipedia Commons

I look forward to hearing about the ways you all manage your time.


  1. How do I manage my time? Sheeesh it isn't easy. I work part time as well and my boys are grown but still live here and still I struggle to find creative time. What I do is this...I start something creative then - put on a load of wash - work on my creation some more - do dishes - add something to it - fold the clothes. Since I have many creations that need dry time it is the perfect opportunity to do a chore. If I have something that needs lots of time I make a huge meal the day before and catch up on everything then I can spend a few hours all at once on my creation. Hope this helps?

  2. Donna- oh, the idea of preparing dinner the day before is a wonderful idea! I used to make a lot of "freezer meals," but maybe going back to making one or two a week would be a good idea for me as that would free some time up.

    I do like what you say about doing art in between other things.