Friday, September 30, 2011

Image Transfer on Resin Clay

While reading the Handcrafted Jewelry 2011 magazine, I came across a tutorial by Linda Larsen for easily transferring an image to wet resin clay. I also found the tutorial described on this Objects and Elements blog. Of course I was completely intrigued and wanted to try it using my Aves Studio Fixit (though there is some overlap, this is a slightly different formula than Aves Apoxie Clay).

I mixed a small amount of the Fixit, and placed it into a square mold. Following the instructions for transferring the image, I first printed out a copy of an antique Holy Card with my inkjet printer on regular printing paper.

I cut the image to size. I then made sure to smooth some water onto the clay surface so it would be wet and then smoothed the printed image face down onto the surface.

I am now letting the clay dry for 3-4 hours before I try and remove the image and see if it transfers. Do y’all think it will work? Come back later today to see part two!

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