Friday, September 9, 2011

Bezel Madness

For some reason, I have become obsessed with crafting bezels. Surely, I could focus just a bit on the rest of the necklace as well? Well, truth be told, I am sort of holding off to see what I learn in my Build Zone workshop and see if I want to apply those new skills to future pieces.

Antique mercury glass is now preserved in a resin heart, I also used an antique salt bowl as a bezel with an image from an antique book and a heart key.

Skills like the soldering I am terrified of! Last night I was worrying about which room of our home would be the least likely to erupt in flames while I am soldering. However, I will confess that I am equal parts excited about trying it out.

Today I have some Apoxie Fixit curing. I am excited because I am working on a Nicho pendant. (Yes, yes another pendant!). Nichos are a traditional Latin American form of folk art where religious and other spiritual items are displayed together in or on recessed shadow box often made of tin or wood, with a glass door that can open.+ I have seen some necklace versions of this here and there, and really wanted to make my own. 

+I got most of my history of Nichos information from Mexico Arts and Culture, by Leigh Ann WIlliams


  1. I love your bezel and I cannot wait to see your necklace nichos I am so loving that idea!!! A wearable altar!!! You go girl!!

  2. LOL- knew you'd like the Nicho idea :)

  3. i love ur stuff, if i could afford a class, u know i would be there in a heart beat! thank you for your blessings by the way... ;)