Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Design Day Wednesday

Now that my teaching term is in full swing, I am devoting Wednesdays to crafting. Today I worked on a charm bracelet. I have been mentally working on this design for some time to celebrate the sixth anniversary of my Pentecost Baptism. In the Christian faith, Pentecost celebrates the day the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples. Pentecost began this past Sunday, marking the end of the Easter season.

A mixture of vintage chains form a double strand. Some vintage charm elements hang from the chain, like the shell, which is a Christian symbol of baptism. This shell opens to reveal Jesus on one side and Mary and the baby Jesus on the other side.

Red is the traditional color of Pentecost, so I included a red-framed Sacred Heart image of Jesus. Medals and crosses complete the charms. A vintage clasp finishes the bracelet. How do you all like my latest creation?


  1. I love it. The vintage clasp is gorgeous and I love the little connectors you used with all the holes - perfect for the charms.!!