Monday, June 20, 2011

Antiquated Tastes

We spent Father’s Day in the Georgia Mountains, where I made a stop at Nacoochee Antiques before we enjoyed dinner at the Nacoochee Grill (one of my husband’s favorite restaurants).

The more I get into jewelry design, the more I am stunned by how my own tastes change. I used to love very dainty style jewelry. I always loved vintage and estate jewelry, but my tastes leaned more toward highly romantic, small, intricate designs. However, now I love chunky pieces, and the slight outrageous quality of some of the items I am drawn to.

I picked up a few vintage items yesterday. When I looked through my Pictorial Guide to Costume Jewelry, I discovered one of the Monet brooches I purchased listed. I also discovered something very similar to another brooch I fell in love with – I like the angels and could picture them as part of a Marian or saint piece of some sort.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous pieces. I love things like that - I scour flea markets, antique stores and sometimes people I know just give me really neat old pieces!! Isn't it so much fun? Like kids in a candy store. I have a piece in my WoodWife shop called Opal's Night Out and I love that one so much.

  2. It IS interesting how tastes change. When I was younger (ha, younger) I liked only gold toned jewelry. Now, it's all about silver.

  3. Thanks, Donna!

    Lori, I know I used to like all silver and only silver, but now I am very attracted to golds and coppers! Maybe in the future it will switch again!