Sunday, May 1, 2011

One-Act Tragedy

After seeing all my beads and findings my son Liam, who is seven, desperately wanted to try beading something himself. “I love making patterns,” he told me, “So I want to make a pattern with the beads.” I gave him a pack of plastic, arts and crafts beads and an elastic cord to use for his creation. He worked hard on making a symmetrical pattern with the beads on the cord. He was extremely proud of his work. 

Just as I was going to tie it, I accidentally dropped it and the beads went everywhere. I forgot to first tape the ends so the beads would not spill off. I felt downright horrible about it and kept apologizing. A few of my own creations have ended similarly when I forget to secure an end or other part securely. I still feel very guilty about Liam losing his work.

In better news, I am looking forward to having some actual crafting time this week! I have a head exploding with ideas I want to try.

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