Monday, September 24, 2012

Mary Found Me

Today I went to Decatur Estate and Way Back Antiques one of my favorite area antique stores (reasonable prices and good selection!). While there, I was browsing through a box of old pictures, which I like to do in case there are any Holy Cards hiding among the pictures or post cards.

While rummaging through the box,  I came across a small booklet once used by a Catholic priest called Our Lady's Book. I can imagine the comfort found by many throughout the career of the preist in the prayers offered among the pages of this book. I opened the small blue book to look more closely and inside I discovered a bunch of Holy Cards. Some of the cards appear well-loved. I wonder if these belonged to the priest for his own prayer life; or if he gave them out when needed. Maybe it was a little bit of both.

I knew upon looking at the book and cards that it was a case of Mary finding me.


  1. I have this same book and I keep it in my purse. Mary always finds us!!!

  2. Donna- that makes my jaw drop! That is amazing that we have the same book.

  3. What a beautiful book and prayer cards.