Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Non-Catholic Praying the Rosary

Wikimedia Commons Public Domain Image
Recently, I met a good friend and fellow-Episcopalian for coffee. After, as we headed back to our respective cars, a Rosary fell out of her purse while she searched for her keys. She grabbed it and looked at me, "I like to bring a Rosary to church on Sundays."

I smiled and confessed, "So do I."

Actually, the practice of reciting the Roman Catholic Rosary is practiced by a fair number of Anglicans. There is also an Anglican Rosary, but it does not have the long history of the Catholic Rosary, and is not a Marian devotion.

So, my friend and I are not alone in our attraction to using the Rosary in prayer. I regularly recite the Rosary and love that it allows me to meditate on various events in the lives of both Jesus and Mary.

Dirck de Bray Still-Life with Symbols of the Virgin Mary 
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  1. Such a nice story Leigh ... I'm a Pagan and practice the Rosary all the time ... Mary comes to us in many forms ... Sweet and Loving, She is.

    Happiness always.

  2. What a beautiful and loving Mother we have. She cares for her children wherever they may be. Thank you for sharing this story and your faith.