Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Artist Community in Stone Mountain Village

Vintage Jewelry finds from Sassy's
My mother and sister have been visiting from Florida since July 14. Over the weekend, we went to Stone Mountain Village. I wanted to show my mother Sassy's - which I have previously blogged about.  I told my mother about all the art galleries they have, and we began with a visit to Butterfly House Studio. This is where we met mixed media sculptor, Jeff Prisant. He has some fascinating mobiles and other items displayed in their gallery space. 

While there, I asked him how Stone Mountain Village became a place with so many galleries. He then told me how, the Village suffered greatly from economic decline and the recent upsurge in galleries is part of a project called SMart, Inc., a micro economic program to use the arts for economic revitalization. There are some amazing programs for artsits currently being run out of these varied gallery spaces. 

Once I mentioned my Day of the Dead line (obsession?), Jeff also told me about a Day of the Dead exhibit being run very close to me in Virginal Highland at Young Blood Gallery.  

Do you have a favorite from my vintage finds from Sassy's?


  1. My daughter and I both love the Day Of The Dead also. I was in Mexico many years ago and that's when I learned about that feast day ... I do think it's from the Indian culture though, at least originally. We love Mexican art in general like Frieda and it is so colorful, but then so is a lot of eastern Europe folk art.

    Stay peaceful and loving,

  2. Yes- it began as an indigenous celebration, but when Catholic missionaries were in Mexico, converting the culture to Catholicism, the Catholic church moved it to coincide with All Saints.

    Yes, very colorful!