Thursday, July 19, 2012

Many Little Blessings Reviews Graceful Leigh!

In her post, Angie even discusses the vintage handkerchief I wrap each piece I send to buyers!
I am excited and very honored by the review I received from Angie on Many Little Blessings! Angie has had this bracelet for several weeks in order to try the bracelet out and see how she liked wearing it. 

I enjoyed reading the ways the vintage Catholic Medals made her think about who previously owned these items. That is very true for me when I work with each piece as well. I especially liked Angie's insights about the Lourdes bracelet making a statement, which is very true about that design in particular. 

In addition to following Angie's Blog, you can find her Facebook page here


  1. How wonderful!! Her review, and this bracelet!! This might be my favorite piece yet. I love the eclectic mix of colors and charms. Very nice:)