Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Soldering Along

As I posted previously, I have been trying out a soldering technique new to me. After choosing an image and cutting it to size, I sandwich it between glass and wrap it in copper foil tape. I brush on gel flux, and then use a soldering iron and solder to create a framed metal charm.

I am doing a lot better than my former attempt. I finally understand the amount of heat I need from my particular soldering iron. I also finally have figured out the way I need to hold the iron against the charm and let the solder melt and flow on the surface of the copper tape.

Images from antique Holy Cards
However, as you can see, I still used a bit too much solder. I was using a lot less than before, and thought it was the right amount, but I guess a tiny bit goes a long, long way.

Keep an eye out for upcoming posts about the online workshop, Of Towers and Turrets, that begins in two days. I am enrolled and the workshop has a very strong mixed media element to it that I am anxiously anticipating.

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