Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Build Zone- it's a Wrap!

Today I spent several hours practicing my wrapped loops technique. This is one of the lessons from The Build Zone. To perfect wrapped loops one needs to practice and practice . . . and, did I mention, practice?

You can see that I still need to work on my technique a bit more. However, I am headed to a meeting at church followed by the Blessing of the Animals in honor of St. Francis' Feast Day. We are bringing one of our dogs, Daisy.

So I shall return to practicing later tonight!


  1. One of the ways I teach wrapped loops to my classes is to have them make a cha cha charm bracelet, one just full of charms that are wire-wrapped. You get a TON of practice, and since there are so many beads, you can't really tell if there's a wonky one or not. Plus, you can see the difference in your first one and your last one!

  2. I need to learn how to do this!! You did good!!

  3. Lori, that is such an excellent idea! Maybe I should try that as a practice thing. My dilemma is, once I mess up on one, I tend to want to start over. But, I can see where forcing myself to move on might be good too.

    BTW, I am very excited to hear that you have a Bead Soup book in the works! Many congratulations.

    Thank you, Donna! Maybe we could meet half way and practice together!