Sunday, December 15, 2013

Journal Your Christmas Continues

A page about Santa
 I have been very busy keeping up with my 2013 Journal Your Christmas class led by Shimelle. As I mentioned previously, there are daily prompts. Though many scrapbookers enroll in the course and keep Chritstmas scrapbooks, I have been using it to keep a Christmas art journal.

Based on a prompt about wrapping paper, I used some vintage style doggie gift wrap.
 I have been finding it very insightful to think through some of the traditions we practice and why. Some of the prompts refer to childhood memories of Christmastime. Interestingly, since I grew up Jewish and converted to Christianity in 2005, I do not have childhood nostalgia for Christmas or childhood memories of Christmas celebrations.

Do you perhaps notice the glitter alphabet letter obsession I currently have?
 So, my writing tends to focus more on the traditions we have built as a nuclear family. But, I also plan to refer to my extended family- especially once we are in Florida for Christmas.

This year, we returned to an former tradition of seeing The Nutcracker at the Fox Theater.

Some traditions encompass my husband's Dutch heritage.

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